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WSCAD Insights | Requirements Management

By January 10th, 2023January 12th, 2023WSCAD Insights
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Constant software improvement by the Requirements Management

The Requirements Management department is constantly working to improve our software. Klaus Kinner, Requirements Manager shows, how the team implements suggestions and improvement requests from partners and customers to continuously enhance our WSCAD software.

How long have you been at WSCAD and what are your responsibilites there?

I’ve worked at WSCAD for 14 years. During this time, I’ve held several positions,  such as a presales consultant and also worked in product management. Currently, I’ve been with the requirements team for four years.

What is the Requirements Management department responsible for at WSCAD? What are the requirements for the team?

We are responsible for preparing and documenting our customers’ requirements formulated by product management in such a way that our development department can convert them into code. The Requirements Management team has a central interface function at WSCAD. It is important for us to have a very good understanding of both electrical engineering and software development. As an interface department, communication between the various stakeholders is an important part of our field of activity.

How is the Requirements Management team structured at WSCAD? What makes the team special?

All team members have other areas of activity in addition to their work as requirements engineers, such as being product owners for different parts of the software or working as developers.

What are the processes in Requirements Management?

The requirements team is made up of five colleagues who work in conjunction with documentation and product management to form a department. The requirements team is part of the Scrum process, where we work closely with product management, quality assurance, software development, customers or other stakeholders.

What is the procedure in Requirements Management? Where do you get your input from?

In general, requirements can come from anyone who works with or would like to work with our software in the future. Usually, our customers or product management provide feedback. However, suggestions for further software development also come from the development team, the sales team, our support team, and even our CEO. Anyone who has suggestions that will help our product and make it better can contact our team with their ideas at any time.

How will the requirements management team develop in the future at WSCAD?

Because the electrical engineering industry and software development are evolving at such a rapid pace, we are continuously educating ourselves in order to understand new technologies and map them as accurately as possible in our software. Our goal is to create electrical CAD software, that simplifies our users’ daily tasks through innovative solutions and intuitive operation!

Dear Klaus, thank you very much for the interview and for the insights into the requirements management department!

You’re welcome!

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