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Digital electrical CAD Data


It’s extremely common to find that the electrical documents for machinery, plants and buildings are stored in different formats and are rarely updated. This adds unnecessary time and effort to make sense of the data and creates a higher risk of data duplication, thus an inefficient process to maintain. To overcome these risks and adopt a more efficient business practice is to use a unified and reliable database that gives you remote access.

We support you with our services:

Digitisation service

We digitise paper and PDF schematics with high precision and experience, into a WSCAD or other electrical CAD format. With handwritten alterations, the result is a new, standard-compliant document.
You get company-wide transparency, the basis for a digital connection on PLM/ERP and other systems and conclusively avoid the loss of paper documentation.

Conversion service

Convert your schematics into electrical CAD formats of other manufacturers and thus protect your own resources. We convert circuit diagrams precisely in accordance with your requirements. For example from WSCAD to EDZ* format and vice versa or even other manufacturer formats. This includes table of contents, terminal and cable plans or part lists as well as project-specific symbol libraries, forms, macros and article databases. In this way you remain independent of specified data formats from suppliers, clients or specification texts.

Up-to-date Digital Twins

… should provide the exact digital image at any time for machinery, plant and buildings. This avoids misinterpretations and provides you with assurance in terms of product liability. You can then guarantee exemplary service.
With moving times, if your documentation becomes out of date, we will restore the 1:1 relationship for you again.

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Your benefits

  • Absorb order peaks and accelerate working processes at times when available
    resources are scarce. This also means that you do not have to develop
    additional expertise or invest in another electrical CAD system
  • Create extra time and space to devote to your core business

We are here for you

  • With over 30 years of experience we guarantee consistent high quality implementation for you as the manufacturer – including major digitisation projects e.g. 1000 pages and more
  • Our professional “Multi-CAD” digitisation team is always up-to-date and is familiar with many electrical CAD systems (WSCAD, AutoCAD*, Elcad*, EDZ*)
  • We provide a competent, fast and reliable technical support service and binding offers on quality, delivery period and price
  • Our team has direct access to colleagues in development and product management and to our consultants
  • We act as your central technical partner
  • You get checked and reliable data on very reasonable terms

Well-equipped for the future

  • Access to unified and complete digital data at a central location
  • Arrange remote access for assembly, service and maintenance, e.g. via the free WSCAD Augmented Reality app
  • Increased data security via access control
  • Use electronic data without additional expense or costs directly for the production of control cabinets with Cabinet Engineering from the WSCAD Software
  • Fast processes and high quality: WSCAD Software interfaces to PLM and ERP systems guarantee data transparency along the whole product development process.

* The brand names, logos and trademarks stated here remain the property of their respective owners. The list of companies or their logos does not imply an endorsement or direct connection to WSCAD GmbH.

Digitisation service from WSCAD for your paper and PDF schematics

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