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WSCAD Education

Free training license


WSCAD offers a special version of our Software for the nonprofit education of students with few restrictions for free.
The functionality of the school version WSCAD ELECTRIX Education is equal to the WSCAD ELECTRIX Ultimate with the add-ons: ProjectWizard, User Rights and P&ID with the following restrictions:

  • Software delivery is only possible via internet.
  • During installation, an internet connection is required.
  • WSCAD ELECTRIX Education supports its own file format.
  • Plans created with the WSCAD ELECTRIX Education cannot be read by the license version.
  • The WSCAD ELECTRIX Education can edit drawings of a license version but they will then be unusable for the license version.
  • The WSCAD ELECTRIX Education has a limited runtime of 24 months maximum.
  • The file export to DXF/DWG is not possible.
  • The transfer of data to manufacturing interfaces such as Steinhauer, Kiesling and CadCabel is not possible.
  • The output of lists/reports to Excel, Access or ASCII is not possible.
  • With the export function the word “Education” appears on PDF and prints.

Request licenses

Students and teaching facilities can download the WSCAD ELECTRIX Education here:

Teaching Facility
  • 24 month usage period
  • two licence renewals possible within two weeks of the license expiration

If the licence of your WSCAD Education version has expired, you can either have the licence for this version extended or better apply for a new licence for the current WSCAD ELECTRIX Education.


WSCAD offers special conditions for Schools, Universities and trainig companies.

If you are intrerested in a collaboration, please contact us!
Send an email to or call us under +49 8131/3627-400

In building automation/building climate, we cooperate with the College in Biberach and the Technical University of Central Hesse in Friedberg.

Any Questions? Get in touch!

UK: +44 (0) 203 966 2446

Rest of the world: +49 8131 3627 400

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