WSCAD offers a special version of our Software for the nonprofit education of students with few restrictions for free.
The functionality of the school version WSCAD SUITE Education is equal to the WSCAD SUITE Ultimate with the add-ons: ProjectWizard, User Rights and P&ID with the following restrictions.

  • Software delivery is only possible via internet.
  • During installation, an internet connection is required.
  • WSCAD SUITE Education supports its own file format.
  • Plans created with the WSCAD SUITE Education cannot be read by the license version.
  • The WSCAD SUITE Education can edit drawings of a license version but they will then be unusable for the license version.
  • The WSCAD SUITE Education has a limited runtime of 12 months maximum.
  • The use of WSCAD SUITE Education in a virtual environment (virtual machine) is not possible.
  • The file export to DXF/DWG is not possible.
  • The transfer of data to manufacturing interfaces such as Steinhauer, Kiesling and CadCabel is not possible.
  • The output of lists/reports to Excel, Access or ASCII is not possible.
  • With the export function the word “Education” appears on PDF and prints.

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§ The WSCAD SUITE Education Ultimate has a limited range of functions within the WSCAD SUITE Ultimate with the Add-Ons Project Wizard, User Rights und P&ID and is limited to a 12 month usage period.
§ The Subscriber may use our software for Education purposes only (Class Work, Thesis, Exams and preparation for exams). The Subscriber is NOT PERMITTED to use the Software for Commercial purposes, to transfer the software to a third party or to sell the software without written permission from WSCAD GmbH.
§ The Version WSCAD SUITE Education Ultimate has no access or claim to our Hotline, Support services or Warranty.
§ An Internet connection is mandatory for the installation. Please refer to the installation instructions.
§ By submitting the order, the Subscriber confirms that he/she has read the limitations and requirements of WSCAD SUITE Education Ultimate.

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