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Our mission is to make our users’ work experience more efficient and less stressful.

What we are

We are a technology-based software company providing electrical CAD (Computer Aided Design) solutions for engineers, designers and maintenance personnel.

Our customers

Our customers are machine builders, designers of building automation, electrical installation engineers and even rocket builders.

What we offer

We support our mission by offering quality products (electrical engineering software) that are intuitively designed to accelerate, simplify and automate the engineering process, enabling our users to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum effort.

What we do

Together, we are leading the charge towards a more efficient future, where our dedication to speed, automation and user friendliness redefines what is possible.

What drives us

We envision a world where engineers are equipped with all the necessary tools to automate time consuming routine tasks, thus freeing up their time and mental bandwidth to focus on what humans do best: create and innovate.

Who we are

Our culture is driven by a commitment to innovation and to having a positive impact on society. Everything we do is geared towards improving the future.

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#TeamWSCAD - Get to know our CEO Axel Zein


more than 40,000


more than 30 years

of ongoing market success

in over 100

countries WSCAD Software is used


of our revenue is re-invested in R&D

more than 800

employees work at Buhl Group

more than 100 Mio €

yearly turnover


At WSCAD, we value every moment spent at work and we want to make it worthwhile. Our core values and behavioural standards are a clear outline what it means to be a part of WSCAD, the qualities we cherish, and the boundaries we establish to ensure a positive and productive work environment for everyone.


Customers first

We are dedicated to every client’s success. Expect us to go the extra mile in record time to deliver value.


Personal responsibility

Our team takes ownership of outcomes, defining themselves by their work, not their titles. We strive for improvement by learning from our mistakes.


Ethical behaviour

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself” – this principle shapes our corporate culture and our daily interactions with each other.



Our headquarters are in Germany, but we embrace diversity and provide equal opportunities based on results and behavior, irrespective of nationality, gender, origin or beliefs.


Ongoing personal development

We look for people that eager to learn and to develop their skills. We want you to shape the future with outstanding results as a person who leads by action and not with your title.

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