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Machinery & Plant Engineering

Engineering electrical systems for machinery and plants is super-easy with the WSCAD Software, regardless if you are designing tooling machines, manufacturing plants, agricultural machines, rail vehicles, environmental technology or power plants.

The complete electrical design is integrated across several engineering disciplines: piping & instrumentation, electrical schematics, fluid power, cabinet design, electrical installation and building automation. Having consistent data across these engineering domains simply prevents errors.

To finish your projects faster, simply access over 2.1 Mio. parts from 400 manufacturers in Structuring your projects according to norms (i.e. IEC 81346) keeps you safeguarded in case of liability. WSCAD Software is able to do that. Importing CAD- / PDF data from partners or suppliers helps you to finish your projects on time and on budget.

WSCAD Electrical Engineering Software

WSCAD helps you master challenges in machinery & plant engineering:

Deal with shortage of skilled personnel
  • Securely save employee knowledge in WSCAD project templates including the right parts data. Once an employee leaves, their know-how will still be available within the company.
  • Easy-to-Use: amongst other prices WSCAD software has been awarded with the „Golden e“for its easy to use user interface. High productivity guaranteed!
  • Access over 2.1 million parts data and symbols from 400 manufacturers in and save yourself the hassle of designing the parts.
  • Use one single software to handle different aspects of a machine or plant: circuit diagram, hydraulic/pneumatics, piping and instrumentation diagram, cabinet engineering, network plan, etc.
Handle the cost pressure
  • Use your human brain power where it is irreplaceable and let WSCAD software handle other tasks
  • Reduce manual work by automating engineering processes
  • Store your know-how in standard project templates. Reusing these templates saves enormous amounts of time and substantially improves the quality of your output. And your costs will be decreasing.
  • Gather data once (!) and then access it seamlessly across all engineering disciplines: from the measuring point of a sensor to the terminal in the cabinet. Make use of the WSCAD integration to PLM and ERP systems to integrate all engineering data in one backbone. It significantly reduces errors and rework.
Finish engineering projects faster
  • Define standards and increase reuse of standard modules to save enourmous amounts of time while achieving higher quality at the same time.
  • Use product configurators to generate schematics automatically
  • With WSCAD you can automate engineering tasks to reduce cost and shorten engineering time
  • Rely on the integrated dictionary to create multi lingual schematics.
Master the challenges of an ageing work force
  • The complexity of machines and plants is increasing – WSCAD software has been awarded for its ease of use. It is helping users manage all that.
  • Even if you are not an expert, with WSCAD you can easily manage engineering data across various engineering disciplines: piping and instrumentation, electrical schematics, fluid power diagrams, cabinet design and manufacturing, electrical installation and building automation.
  • Save yourself the hassle of designing electrical parts by yourself. Simply access over 2.1 million parts and symbols from 400 manufacturers in and you are ready to go.
Minimize down time
  • The right data, at the right place, at the right time: maintenance engineers and service personnel can use their mobile to scan parts with the WSCAD Augmented Reality App. In the blink of an eye they will get the corresponding circuit diagram, device designation, complete parts data including 3D and the original data sheet from the manufacturer.

Performance Focus

  • Design of electrical equipment and apparatus
  • Design and assembly planning, as well as installation, plant and inventory planning
  • Schematics, distribution plans and cabinet assembly plans in installation and automation technology
  • Terminal charts, cable, field devices and material lists
  • IT and telecom systems and network overviews
  • Energy distribution planning for the medium- and low-voltage range
  • Audit planning of existing documentation for maintenance

Technology at a glance

  • Symbols as per IEC 81346 / 61346
  • Automatic management of contactors, PLC modules, terminals, cables and parts data from different manufacturers
  • Monitoring functions for the design of schematics
  • Design control cabinets including 3D collision check and automated wire routing
  • Interfaces to various manufacturing machines (Rittal/Kiesling, nVent HOFFMAN/Steinhauer, Komax)
  • Inter-disciplinary functionality
  • Interfaces to all leading PLM and ERP systems
  • Export of enhanced and intelligent PDFs
  • Export and import of DWG/DXF and PDF files
  • Foreign language translation

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