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Change your electrical CAD!

Trade in your old CAD system

WSCAD has been developing electrical CAD solutions for more than three decades. Customers include medium-sized companies, international corporations and engineering service providers.

The software is based on one core platform that covers six engineering disciplines: Electrical Engineering, Cabinet Engineering, Piping and Instrumentation, Fluid Engineering, Building Automation and Electrical Installation.

WSCAD methodologies for standardization, reuse and automation significantly reduce engineering time from several weeks to just a few hours or even minutes. At the same time, these practices also ensure a much higher quality of work.

Test the current version right now with our free demo version.

There are many reasons why you should use WSCAD for your electrical engineering – here are 10 of them:


Outstanding price/performance ratio

The electrical CAD software by WSCAD is up to four times cheaper than comparable solutions on the market. The budget relief will enable you to also invest in other things. You can decide if you want to buy or rent the software (short- or long-term rental).


Fast, intuitive and easy to use

WSCAD software is designed for speed: the logical structure and intuitive user interface ensure easy operation. Thanks to these features, you will be fast, even if you only work sporadically with the software.


Interdisciplinary consistency in engineering data

The electrical CAD software from WSCAD is the first integrated and comprehensive CAD/CAE solution for electrical engineering, cabinet engineering, piping and instrumentation and fluid power, building automation and electrical installation. No matter which discipline you work in, the change of a component is reflected immediately in all other plans. This saves time and improves quality as there is no need to update the data manually.


Over 2.1 million parts at your fingertips in

Instead of creating your own symbols and parts, save time by accessing the world’s largest electrical CAD library: 2.1 million data sets from 400 manufacturers are available in WSCAD, DXF and EDZ formats as well as in native 3D CAD format, such as the widely used STEP format for the control cabinet design. Access to offers fast search and filter functions and is free of charge!


High functionality including modern Augmented Reality Apps

The modular WSCAD software using engineering with many functions for standardized documentation. Your customers use these documents in form of smart PDFs as a neutral exchange format. The huge engineering functionality of the WSCAD software can be customized due to its modular architecture: start small and grow big. Service technicians can use the Cabinet AR App to scan components in the cabinet and display the according information, the 3D model and even the component’s position in the electrical schematics. You can use the app also to note schematic changes and comments in the PDF with the redline function. By Using the Building AR App, rooms are scanned and converted into floor plans for building design and electrical installation.


Import data from other electrical CAD systems

With WSCAD software, you can effortlessly design and manufacture cabinets based on data from other electrical CAD systems. WSCAD includes interfaces to various machines for labeling and manufacturing of cables and wire sets and to NC machines from Rittal/Kiesling*, Komax* or nVent HOFFMAN (Steinhauer)*.


Full integration through numerous interfaces

WSCAD´s product strategy is is based on openness and speed.. The software therefore provides many efficient interfaces to PLM and ERP systems as well as to applications from other automation suppliers, like SIEMENS, WAGO, PHOENIX CONTACT etc.


Use engineering automation to finish your projects on time and on budget

With the WSCAD five-step methodology for consistent automation, you can shorten engineering time from several weeks to just a few minutes: define structure, standardize, reuse, generate and configure.


Digitization and professional services from the experts: WSCAD Global Business Services

With closely coordinated services, WSCAD can assist you along the engineering process: from individual training through digitization (converting paper schematics into a digital file or converting between various electrical CAD formats) all the way to process optimization and digital twins. Checkup services analyze your processes, make specific recommendations and lay the foundation for a professional transition from your old electrical CAD system to WSCAD. A continuously enhanced library fo short “how to”-videos is available at


Excellent maintenance and support

Forget call centers and enjoy our excellent support: quick, competent and very personal. We offer three maintenance levels for your individual needs.

Curious? Why not just try it for yourself now?

Trade in your old CAD system and get started super-fast with WSCAD software!

Give us a call: +49 (0) 8131 / 3627 – 365 or send us an e-mail or download our demoversion.
We look forward to helping you!

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