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Enhanced usability for designers, cost effectiveness for managers

Unleash your electrical design potential with WSCAD’s ELECTRIX!

In today’s fast-paced world, the electrical design industry is becoming increasingly complex. As automation continues to rise, panel builders and electrical system manufacturers must have a mastery of both technology and craftsmanship. And while having the right machinery is important, having the right CAD tools is essential for efficient and innovative planning and production.

WSCAD is here to help you shape the future of the electrical design industry. With our software ELECTRIX, you have a powerful tool by your side.

Download the free demo version of WSCAD ELECTRIX, including all engineering modules, and experience the difference for yourself!

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Seamless Panel Building
From schematics to assembly and maintenance!

Create or import schematics with ease!

  • design schematics faster by using macors and variants directly in the WSCAD software or
  • import components, terminals, and connection lists from your customer’s schematics and match them against the WSCAD’s free data base

Design cabinet layouts

  • save frequently used partial cabinet layouts and plan pages as macros with variables and load them into the control cabinet design at the push of a button – e.g. cabinet types with different infeeds
  • place all components precise to scale with an accuracy of 1/10 millimeter. The WSCAD database – – contains 2.1 million parts that can be imported, edited or matched against your current components.
  • Calculate wire lenghts and route connections in 3D automatically, display and calulate the fill ratio of cable ducts (red, yellow, green)
  • use 3D views for photorealistic representation and collision checking based on actual component sizes

Immediately use all design data for manufacturing – at no additional cost

  • Print all required labels and QR codes
  • Use design data for the manufacturing of wires or wire sets via service providers or on your own NC machines (leading manufacturers)
  • Easily transfer manufacturing data for cabinet doors, enclosures, and mounting plates from WSCAD software to leading manufacturer’s drilling, milling, or laser centers.
  • Create complete and standards-compliant documentation in the form of PDFs with cross-references and bookmarks at the touch of a button – also multi-lingual!

Wiring and maintenance with modern Augmented Reality Apps

  • Wire connection by connection with the Cabinet AR App (free of charge) using comfortable filter functions by device, wire color or cross-sections.
  • For service and maintenance engineers: simply scan the QR code of the components with the Cabinet AR App (free of charge) and get immediate access to all schematics including equipment id, 3D views of the components, complete product data and manufacturer’s original data sheets – the right date, accessible anywhere.

Consistent control cabinet design
From the circuit diagram to assembly and maintenance

Creating or reading in circuit diagrams

With WSCAD ELECTRIX, you can either create the circuit diagram directly or import component, terminal and connection lists based on the customer’s existing circuit diagram and re-plan the circuit diagram.

Quick and easy cabinet assembly

With the electrical CAD software from WSCAD, you can save frequently used subcircuits and plan pages as macros with variables and load them into your enclosure layout at the touch of a button, e.g. for enclosure types with different feeds. All components are placed to scale with an accuracy of 1/10 millimetre. The free article database by WSCAD – – contains over 2.1 million article data that can be automatically matched and stored in your plans with all available information. Furthermore, WSCAD offers 3D control views for photo-realistic representation and collision checking based on actual component sizes. In addition, connections can be automatically routed, wire lengths calculated and the filling level of cable ducts checked.

Use the created data immediately for production – without additional costs

With WSCAD ELECTRIX you can easily print all necessary labels, wire markings and QR codes. The generated data can be used for the production of wires or wire sets via service providers or on NC machines. In addition, it is possible to transfer the production data for cabinet doors, enclosures and mounting plates directly from the WSCAD software to drilling, milling or laser centres of renowned manufacturers. With just one click, you can create the complete, standard-compliant documentation as a PDF file with cross-references and bookmarks – even in several languages.

Wiring and maintenance with modern apps

With the innovative WSCAD Cabinet AR app, connections can be wired easily and conveniently. Filter functions that sort by devices, wire colours or cross-sections provide a quick overview. For service and maintenance, the Cabinet AR App offers an easy way to scan the QR code the components and get instant access to all plans (including BMK, 3D views of the components, complete item data and original data sheets of the manufacturers). This item information is available everywhere and always up-to-date.

Read how some of our customers use and benefit from our software

  • User report of NW-Niemann: “Professional switchgear construction including production integration”
    Download sucess story
  • User report of Bruckmann Steuerungstechnik: “Automated electrical design including control cabinet production with consistently high quality ”
    Download sucess story

Find out more about our ELECTRIX Cabinet Engineering module and how WSCAD can support you

WSCAD’s Electrical-CAD powerhouse – trusted by over 40,000 satisfied Pros in more than 100 countries!

The ultimate smart solution for Electrical Engineering, Panel Building, Process and Fluid Technology, Building Automation and Electrical Installation.

Our engineering software for control cabinet construction:

WSCAD ELECTRIX and Cabinet Engineering

WSCAD ELECTRIX is a powerful and comprehensive  electrical CAD software that optimally covers the needs of switchgear designers. The software combines six engineering disciplines for cabinet engineering, electrical engineering, electrical installation, building automation, fluid engineering and piping and instrumentation flow diagrams – all in a single platform, thereby providing an integrated solution for all cabinet design requirements. The software features an advanced design editor that ensures simple and intuitive operation, and is compatible with standard formats such as DXF/DWG. In addition, WSCAD ELECTRIX uses modern technologies such as augmented reality, multi-threading and automation to enable efficient and productive design.

WSCAD Cabinet Engineering is your electrical CAD solution for innovative, efficient and future-proof planning and production in control cabinet construction. Cabinet Engineering supports design through simple placement of components incl. collision checks and enables the output of production data to all relevant manufacturing systems such as control cabinet construction and cable assembly.

Download the demo version of WSCAD ELECTRIX including all engineering modules now and test it for free.

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Software made in GermanyWSCAD – Software Made in Germany WSCAD software has been awarded the quality seal “Software Made in Germany” by the Bundesverband IT- Mittelstand (BITMi e.V.).

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