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Software Copy Protection

The new WSCAD Software will not work with the old green WibuKey dongle! Please switch your WSCAD software to the modern software copy protection of WSCAD. It is now free of charge! Software copy protection offers many advantages, including:

  • New versions of the WSCAD Software will be delivered with software copy protection.
  • If you are currently using a dongle and want to switch to software copy protection, you will have to send your dongle back to us. Once we rollout the new WSCAD Software you will have the double amount of licenses (the dongle and the software copy protection). If you don’t send the dongle back, we will have to invoice the additional licenses.
  • If you insist on using a dongle, for a small fee we can provide you with a new dongle that works with the new WSCAD Software. Please note that the old “green WibuKey dongle” will not work with new versions of the WSCAD Software!
  • If you still have to deliver projects in WSCAD 5.x format, we can provide you with a special “green WibuKey dongle” that will only work with WSCAD 5.x. You can then use the new versions of WSCAD Software with software copy protection.

Software copy protection offers many advantages, including:

  • It is fast and flexible: When you buy additional licenses you can now use them right away by activating the product key sent to you via email. Start to work and be productive immediately.
  • Transfer licenses on different PCs: Deactivate the relevant license in the online “Web Depot” from the issuing PC and reactivate it on the target PC. It could not be faster or easier.
  • License borrowing: If you work on a desktop PC and have to go to a manufacturing / construction site with a laptop, you can simply lend your license from the PC to the laptop.
  • Safety in case of loss: If you lose a license (e.g., because your laptop was stolen) – your license automatically returns after the borrowing period expires. The downside of the dongle is eliminated (loss of the dongle means loss of license).
  • Restore your license in case of defect: You can restore the affected license yourself by using the product key. This is easy and fast. The previous license moves to a “black list” and can no longer be used. The complex process required for hardware copy protection (send back old dongle, create new license with new dongle, send new dongle) is no longer necessary.
  • No more dongle exchanges: Product keys are sent via email and can be activated and used immediately. Time-consuming postal parcels with dongles sent around (snail mail) are not necessary anymore. Nature will love you for doing something good to the environment.

How can you switch to software copy protection?

  • Send an email to including your customer id and the serial number(s).
  • We will send you an email with the product key(s).

How can you activate a license with software copy protection?

  • Each license key is “hard coded” in a container file on the hard drive of your PC, server or laptop. The container cannot be manipulated.
  • In order to activate the license you will need an active internet connection to the “Web-Depot”.
  • Use the product key (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx) that you received via email to activate the license.
  • Within 14 day please send your old “green WibuKey dongle” back to us. Thank you!

Are you still using schematics in the old WSCAD 5.x format? We can help! 

  • With WSCAD SUITE 2018 you are able to read files and schematics from WSCAD 5.x. You can then edit them and save them as WSCAD SUITE 2018 format. By converting your WSCAD 5.x files to the the WSCAD SUITE 2018 format you are on the safe side.
  • Once your files have been stored in the new WSCAD SUITE 2018 format you will not need your old “green WibuKey dongle” or WSCAD 5.x anymore. WSCAD SUITE 2018 and all future WSCAD Software versions will support software copy protection.
  • Please note that WSCAD SUITE 2018 is the last version to import WSCAD 5.x files. For future WSCAD Software versions there is a service offered to migrate legacy files to the current software version.

If you want to edit and deliver projects in the old WSCAD 5.x format, please proceed as follows:

  • Write an email to including your customer ID and serial number(s).
  • We will send you a new license as software copy protection for your current WSCAD SUITE 2018. We will also send you a special dongle that you can only use for WSCAD 5.x.
  • Please return the old “green WibuKey dongle” within 14 days.

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