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Now with even more benefits

Subscription licenses are loaded with advantages!

But you can still buy perpetual licenses. The choice is yours!

Get a subsciption license of our new electrical CAD software ELECTRIX and the benefit is yours. From a financial point of view subscription licenses are an obvious choice: for the first seven (!) years the cumulated cost of subscription is lower than that of a perpetual license with maintenance. And subscription requires a lower initial invest than a perpetual license. So money that you would spend to buy a perpetual license becomes available for other purposes.

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Subscription maximises profit Perpetual licenses are capital goods and their depreciation period lasts several years. So if you are spending money today to buy a perpetual license, only a part of the sum is reducing your tax this year. Subscription licenses on the other hand are expenses that can be deducted 100% in the current year, therefore minimising your taxable income. We are happy to share a exemplary calculation with you. Subscription licenses include software updates and upgrades. The maintenance of a perpetual license only includes software updates. And if you should ever need an additional temporary license, it is included for 4 weeks in your subscription. Also part of your subscription is a yearly online training because we want to make sure you know the latest tips & tricks in electrical engineering.

3-Year subscription license: The inflation killer Secure yourself today against inflation in the coming years with a 3-year subscription license and benefit from a 10% discount.3

3) Total fee due upon conclusion of contract

advantages of WSCAD subscription


Always up to date

With a subscription license, you always work with the latest generation of electrical CAD software. You can rest assured that you will always use the latest technology available to ensure maximum productivity at no additional cost. Our software subscription includes updates and upgrades of your current software product.


Flexible license pool

We know that projects don’t always run as planned. So if you should temporarily need an additional software license, you can easily get it for free, for 4 weeks. A temporary second license is included in your software subscription and you can use it at no extra charge for up to 4 weeks per year.


More free training

Get to know the latest tips & tricks in electrical engineering: included in your software subscription is a yearly online training worth 499 € so you can easily stay up to date.


You take no risk

Should you ever decide not to renew the subscription of your WSCAD license, all your documents and projects will remain intact. If you have purchased a license you will still have access to the last version of your perpetual license.


Safe 10% on all services

Do you want to get the most out of your development and design? Do you want to shorten the execution time of your projects and free up capacity for new orders? Then taking a look at the seamlessly integrated services of WSCAD Global Business Services is worth a try! Benefit from over 25 years of experience and take advantage of best practices from the industry. With the WSCAD subscription license you save 10% on all services.


Benefit from price stability

The inflation rate was 7.9% in August*, and according to the latest forecasts, inflation will peak in the first quarter of 2023 at around 11%.* With the WSCAD 3-year subscription license, you gain price stability and protect yourself now against inflation in the coming years.
In addition, you benefit from a 10% discount on the annual rent**.

* In Germany
** Total price is due upon conclusion of the contract

The advantages of WSCAD subscription


Technical support hotline

Updates and software improvements

Free upgrades to successor product - over 2.1 million components from 400 manufacturers, synchronisation and download of entire BOMs

Enhanced functionality, enhanced software interfaces and enhanced interfaces to third parties

Support in remote mode via TeamViewer for complex problems

One Online-Training per year
worth a total of €499

Discount on WSCAD services

Free additional temporary license (4 weeks)


Mon.-Thu. 08:30 - 17:00
Fri. 8:00 - 12:00

Upgrade fee


Mon.-Thu. 08:30 - 17:00
Fri. 8:00 - 12:00

10% discount on all services WSCAD

Questions & Answers

How long is the subscription period?

The standard subscription period is one year. The subscription contract is on auto renewal unless you canceled it. The notice period is three months.

What is the notice period to cancel the subscription?

The notice period is 3 months before the end of the subscription period.

Can I upgrade my subscription (e.g. through additional licenses)?

You can upgrade your WSCAD subscription at any time by adding additional licenses or AddOns. Just call us +49 (0) 8131 / 3627 – 400 or simply write an email to

Can I still use my WSCAD software after my subscription has ended?

No. After your subscription has expired you cannot use the software anymore. However your data (projects, schematics, etc.) remains intact.

What happens to my data (projects, schematics etc.) if I switch my existing perpetual (maintenance) license to a subscription license?

All data remains intact. Projects, schematics, etc. created with a perpetual license remain untouched, even after you switch from a perpetual license to a subscription license.

What happens to all my data after the subscription period ends?

All data (projects, schematics, etc) remains intact even after your subscription expires.

What happens to subscription for Add-Ons?

The subscription period of an Add-On is linked to that of the main software license.

Are there any constraints regarding node locked or floating licenses?

No. You can subscribe to node locked or floating licenses and combine the two types however you chose.

What is the additional temporary license?

If the workload in your project is huge and you would require a second license to speed things up, you can easily activate it: your WSCAD subscription includes a secondary license that you can use once a year for up to 4 weeks. It is free of charge. The license type is the same as your subscription license. After 4 weeks the secondary license expires. All data created with it can be used with your subscription license.

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