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Engineering disciplines

Electrical CAD Solutions from WSCAD

Six disciplines, one solution

Regardless of which engineering discipline you come from – with the electrical CAD solution from WSCAD, you always work across all of them. Without data breaks, misunderstandings and complications. In small projects as well as in large ones, with sophisticated user rights and for international project teams in different languages simultaneously.

Building Automation

Building Automation

Building Automation and measurement control technology
Design layouts and schematics for measurement control technology using the WSCAD ELECTRIX Building Automation module.
Symbols placed in the schematics are linked to the corresponding component and its manufacturer data. This way you can easily generate the BOM for procurement, pricing and manufacturing. You can ensure constant transparency and traceability throughout the entire project. Just rely on the coloured representation of plant schematics and functional diagrams with subsequent evaluation of all functions, materials, field devices and cables.
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WSCAD Cabinet Engineering

Cabinet Engineering

Professional cabinet design and wire routing
With the WSCAD ELECTRIX Cabinet Engineering module designing panels is super easy: use the precise and optimal placement of components, collision checks or the calculation of wire lengths/routes – all of this available during the design phase. Drilling data for components, mounting rails and cable trays can be configured easily through a dedicated menu. The integrated 3D view of the cabinet gives you a better spatial awareness.
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WSCAD Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Wiring diagram design
The Electrical Engineering module in WSCAD ELECTRIX enables you to design medium and low voltage systems for machines, plants, industrial automation and building automation.
Control cabinet designers, facility managers, maintenance engineers and industrial electricians rely on our user-friendly software to handle electrical schematics, control cabinets and all according documents.
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WSCAD Electrical Installation

Electrical Installation

Installation diagrams and distribution planning
Design building system technology, medium- and low-voltage installations, as well as antenna and fire alarm systems. The Electrical Installation module of WSCAD ELECTRIX is your tool from design to delivery, including the 3D location of equipment in plants and buildings. Import PDF or DWG floor plans at scale, place all the field devices and link them to the existing symbol data of the schematics.
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WSCAD Fluid Engineering

Fluid Engineering

Pneumatic and hydraulic systems
WSCAD ELECTRIX is your ideal companion to design pneumatic and hydraulic systems. The Fluid Engineering discipline includes all the benefits of the Electrical Engineering module, plus special fluid functions. Designers and maintenance engineers get all the tools they need for the end-to-end design of mechatronic tasks – quickly, intuitively and efficiently.
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WSCAD Piping Instrumentation

Piping & Instrumentation

Process engineering and measuring point management
Design piping and instrumentation diagrams easily using WSCAD ELECTRIX P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams) module.
By linking every P&ID component with their representation in another engineering discipline you get a consistent design. Add the unique, sequential numbering of measuring points and you will be able to remove errors in a breeze.
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