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Available now: WSCAD ELECTRIX ROCKET Update 2

The update includes improvements to the usability and functionality of WSCAD’s electrical CAD software ELECTRIX ROCKET!
Customers with an ELECTRIX ROCKET subscription license or a maintenance contract can install Update 2 for free via the pop-up window after starting ELECTRIX ROCKET or via the ELECTRIX main menu Help | Internet Update.
If you are still working with the previous version, WSCAD SUITE, we recommend upgrading to WSCAD ELECTRIX.

New features and improvements at a glance




A detailed list of all changes can be found in the release notes.

With a WSCAD software subscription licence, you receive free updates and upgrades, as well as extended maintenance services.

The new features of ELECTRIX ROCKET Update 2 in detail


Copy and apply symbol formats

No more tedious formatting! You can now transfer a symbol’s formatting to other symbols of the same type with a single click. Text visibility, alignment and size can be easily copied, saving you valuable time when designing your symbols.

Customised column configurations

Customise the columns in the Project Wizard, Quick Editor and Material Browser to suit your needs, then save the configurations for reuse. This allows you to work more efficiently at every stage of the project.

Symbol preview when placing

Place symbols with extreme precision! The preview view shows you exactly how your symbols will appear before you add them to existing connections.

Delete multiple elements in the Material Explorer

No more tedious deletion of individual elements! From now on, you can remove several elements from the Material Explorer at the same time.

Highlighted pages in the Project Explorer

Never search for open pages again! Thanks to the bold font in the Project Explorer, they are now immediately visible.

“Remove project from Explorer” in the context menu

With the new option in the context menu of a project, it can be easily removed from the project explorer. No more hidden options that could lead to accidental deletion.

Convert subpages into main pages

Save time when reorganising your project! Convert several subpages into main pages at the same time while renumbering the project pages.

Zoom and moving advice

Small cursor symbols show you which action you are currently performing when zooming and moving pages.


Excel export with customised Excel templates

Get the full power of Excel in your WSCAD analyses! Export analyses to your own Excel templates, including your desired formatting and Excel formulas. Benefit from the intelligent linking of WSCAD’s extensive data with Excel’s advanced analysis functions.

More dimensioning options for all disciplines

Use the new dimensioning options! The new chain and ascending dimensions allow you to visualise your projects even more precisely and clearly – regardless of the discipline.

Configurable free cross-references

Benefit from the same flexibility with free cross-references as with technology cross-references! For example, you can now choose whether the technology description or the DCC number should be displayed. With WSCAD, you can customise your references perfectly to your needs.

Customised placeholder “Extended comment target component”

Old structure: plant identifier + BA object name + function text
New structure: plant identifier + function text + BA object name


Mastering more complex terminal structures

More options for multi-level terminal blocks in the Terminal Manager: the maximum number of definable levels has been increased from 10 to 50.

Edit data points in the symbol flexibly

Overwrite existing or insert new data points in previously empty symbols simply using the symbol selection. The selection options always depend on the set category and subcategory.


New interface to Phoenix Contact clipx WIRE assist

Benefit from automated production processes! Use the new interface to export all wiring data – including length, cross-section, size, labelling and slinging equipment – directly to the Phoenix Contact clipx WIRE assist system. The wires can then be assembled semi-automatically there, saving you valuable production time.

Not yet working with WSCAD ELECTRIX ROCKET?

Stay in the race! Upgrade your electrical CAD software and switch to the modern ELECTRIX now.

Upgrade now to ELECTRIX ROCKET

No maintenance contract?
But you want to benefit from the advantages of ELECTRIX ROCKET Update 2?

Get a subscription licence today and receive 10% inflation compensation, or renew your expired maintenance contract. You will automatically receive Update 2 and future updates at no additional cost.

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