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Phoenix Contact

WSCAD Premium Partner

PartnerWSCAD Premium Partner: Phoenix Contact

WSCAD partnership with Phoenix Contact

Our long-standing success story
We at WSCAD are proud to have a long-standing partnership with Phoenix Contact. Together, we provide top-quality solutions that simplify your daily work and transform your projects.

Phoenix Contact is a German company that specializes in components and systems for electrical engineering, electronics, and automation. In the field of connectors, Phoenix Contact is one of the top three manufacturers in Germany. The Phoenix Contact Group comprises 15 companies in Germany and 53 sales companies globally.

Phoenix Terminals and Phoenix Connectors are well-known worldwide. Phoenix Contact produces and sells solutions in connection technology, electronics, and automation for various industrial sectors, such as electromobility, mechanical engineering, wind and solar energy, building automation, cyber security, and automotive. They offer components and system solutions for energy supply, including wind and solar, as well as device, machine, and control cabinet construction. The product range includes terminals, connectors, cable connection technology, installation accessories, electronic interfaces, power supplies, automation systems, safety solutions, surge protection systems, software programs, and tools.

Wide range of article data on

We have collaborated closely with Phoenix Contact to bring you an extensive range of article data on Our article database currently holds over 14,700 Phoenix Contact articles that comply with the newly defined WSCAD data standard. This ensures that all future articles offer you the best possible quality and necessary data content to use all functions and interfaces of our ELECTRIX engineering software.

WSCAD offers seamless integration with PROJECT Complete software

Our close cooperation is what sets us apart. Physically, but also digitally! Our ELECTRIX software offers you an integrated interface to Phoenix Contact PROJECT Complete Planning and PROJECT Complete Marking. This not only saves you time when configuring the necessary items, but also gives you access to an interface that significantly simplifies your work when marking components, cables and stranded wires.

Your benefits as a customer

Our partnership with Phoenix Contact benefits you as a customer in many ways. Your projects will run smoothly, quickly, and with great precision, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

  • Time saving: Importing complete articles is now a breeze, saving you time that would otherwise be spent manually creating each article, which typically takes 30-60 minutes per article.
  • Rich data content: Our complete article data covers all Electrix functions and interfaces, providing you with high-quality data content.
  • Highest data quality: The automatic import feature eliminates errors in article maintenance, ensuring the highest data quality.

Phoenix Contact is a WSCAD Premium Partner

Phoenix Contact, has been recognized as a “Premium Partner” at the SPS 2023 trade fair in Nuremberg for its close and productive collaboration with WSCAD. The Premium Partner logo on identifies data sets in the new format and guarantees the high quality and upto-dateness of the data.
Through the Premium Partnership, WSCAD and its partners ensure that their article data is always up-to-date and available in high quality. This allows users to easily select products from the application and use them in their plans, complete with article data. By making electrical engineering faster, simpler, and more reliable, this integration of Phoenix Contact articles in not only demonstrates the company’s high-quality standards but also promotes the shared vision of providing innovative solutions for users.

From left to right: Dr. Frank Possel Dölken (CDO, PHOENIX CONTACT), Dr. Axel Zein, Dr. Andreas Schreiber – (Vice President Business Unit Industrial Cabinet Solutions, PHOENIX CONTACT), Dr. Martin Wetter (Executive Vice President Innovation, PHOENIX CONTACT) at the handover of the certificate at the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg in November 2023.

Ready for the future? Contact us to find out more.

We are constantly working together to develop and offer our customers new, innovative solutions. Our partnership with Phoenix Contact is designed to optimize your engineering and production processes and take them to the next level.
Welcome to the future of electrical planning! Contact us today and let’s take your projects to the next level together.

Any questions? We will be happy to advise you!

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