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Top-Level Electrical Engineering: the new WSCAD SUITE 2017 is here!


With the new WSCAD SUITE 2017 Electrical Engineering reaches a new level. Benefit from the new features and enhancements to gain even more power for your electrical engineering, design, and documentation. All this offered at a sensational price-value ratio, second to none.

We have placed huge emphasis on ease of use and an intuitive user interface. Enhancements and improvements were introduced not only to the WSCAD SUITE itself, but also to the entire range of services for an effective electrical engineering process: from wscaduniverse.com (the library with 1.2 million electrical parts), newly customized maintenance and support options, down to the seamlessly integrated consulting services from WSCAD Global Business Services.

As you will soon notice: The WSCAD SUITE 2017 radiates 26 years of experience! Take advantage of best practices from the industry and our additional expertise across various  Electrical-CAD solutions such as EPLAN* and AutoCAD* and get the maximum benefits for your engineering processes.

New Add-Ons with WSCAD SUITE 2017


For seamless systems intergation


  • Integration of PLM and ERP systems (i.e. SAP*, SIEMENS* Teamcenter, Dassault ENOVIA*) with the WSCAD SUITE for an integrated process from engineering, procurement, warehousing, to manufacturing and sales
  • Data synchronization via SQL-based PLM/ERP exchange database in both directions: from the PLM/ERP system to WSCAD, and vice versa
  • Synchronization of bill of materials for pricing and costing, as well as current part master data for inventories
  • Work with released part and master data for current and new products and successor and replacement parts
  • Eliminate redundant maintenance of data in both systems – which saves time and improves quality
  • Can be used with all WSCAD SUITES with an Expert component
  • Detailed settings and permissions in conjunction with the User Rights Add-On i.e.: mark, lock and release new parts, as well as discontinued and replacement parts

Automation Interface
Configure instead of designing

  • Interface between a vendor-independent product configurator (such as SAP*, ACATEC*, SIEMENS* Teamcenter or even proprietary configurators) and the engineering disciplines of the WSCAD SUITE
  • Data is transferred from the configurator at the touch of a button. It then triggers the WSCAD software to create the complete design documentation, including material lists, connection lists and checklists
  • The entire process runs in the background in “silent mode”
  • Anything that can be done manually with the WSCAD SUITE you can now trigger automatically
  • You don’t even need to start the WSCAD software nor must the user be present during the design generation process (schematics created overnight)
  • For rapid implementation, all required knowledge can be aquired from WSCAD as a service
  • This reduces the amount of work required for design and documentation from several weeks to just a few days or even a few minutes
  • Once set up correctly, this process can flawlessly create all documents – over and over again
  • Relieves the workload of development and design considerably and frees up time for new projects

Advanced Project Structure (Structure Identifiers)
Standards-compliant and cross-disciplinary project

  • Extension of the structure identifiers with the aspects ‚==‘ (Functional assignment) and ‚++‘ (Installation site)
  • Creation of substructures using “Dot” or “Slash” separators
  • It is now possible to expand projects with any number of substructures
  • Settings options for project structure identifiers: Locked, Descriptive, Available
  • Settings options for Resource reference designations: Not available, Referencing, Referencing with inheritance, Descriptive, Descriptive with inheritance

Already available Add-Ons

User Rights
For sophisticated rights and user management

Project Wizard
For generating schematics at the touch of a button

P&I Diagramm (P&ID)
Piping and instrumentation diagrams in systems and process engineering

The most important innovations at a glance

Changes in structure identifiers

  • Within the context of implementing the IEC 81346 Standard, the aspect Field (‚+‘) was renamed to Mounting location (‚+‘)
  • The designations UFD and UFD area are now called structure identifiers (STID) and structure area, respectively
  • To change existing structure identifiers via a tabular interface, a new Structure Identifier Browser is available
  • For Managers and Browsers the new Project Structure tab is now available.
  • The “Enter ref. name” input dialog was extended and revised
  • The view in the Properties dialog of the elements was revised in the Display mode area
  • New setting when copying and pasting from documents (section, document folder, project page): aspects that are present only in the document and not in the parent section can be accepted or overwritten

WSCAD SUITE Building now has the new upgrade level EE Advanced


  • Additional value in WSCAD SUITE Building for all existing customers
  • Cross-references are now available in schematics
  • Contactor, terminal, cable and plug managers are now part of the WSCAD SUITE Building
  • Additional terminal chart report

Data import from other Electrical CAD systems and 3D preview for Cabinet Engineering

  • Cabinet/panel layout with data imported from other Electrical CAD systems such as EPLAN* or others
  • Routing, manufacturing integration, 3D preview
  • Ctrl+O keyboard shortcut to enable the 3D preview
  • An integrated part of WSCAD SUITE
  • Setting for overwriting WSCAD color codes for cables when downloading part data
  • New control options when comparing the local part database with parts from wscaduniverse.com
  • Advanced search for part data via the new search field “Series”
  • In total, over 1.2 million parts and related data from more than 125 manufacturers in WSCAD and EPLAN* format

Other new enhancements & innovations

  • Support for touchscreen functions on Microsoft* Windows devices
  • Display of Document type Classification Code (DCC)
  • Revision of the configuration dialog for cross-references
  • Additional dialog for engineering discipline cross-references
  • Import and merging of a material list and a terminal chart in the Material Explorer, and matching it with the WSCAD part database
  • It is now possible to place multiple elements with a different sequence from the Material Explorer
  • Output for Steinhauer and Komax wiring machines for manufacturing integration
  • Converting projects to EPLAN* format via the integrated EPLAN* service
  • A “lexicon file” can be created on an SQL server
  • The activation/deactivation of macros in the Project Wizard allows for the creation of a “maximum project”

Extended maintenance contracts
Multi-level, competent and customized

The new configuration levels for maintenance contracts cover all individual requirements perfectly.


  • Included automatically with a minimum lifetime of 24 months when purchasing a new software license
  • Regular software updates
  • Guaranteed response time of 48 hours or less
  • Access to wscaduniverse.com

Plus Maintenance

  • Same as Maintenance, but with a guaranteed response time of 4 hours or less
  • Exclusive customer card with separate phone number and preferred e-mail address
  • Additional services such as a 10% discount on all WSCAD Global Business Services, two free online update trainings or the creation of part data for 10 items per year

Premium Maintenance

  • Same as Plus Maintenance, but with a guaranteed response time of 2 hours or less
  • Personal contact in Support
  • 15% discount on GBS services and the creation of part data for 20 items per year

Global Business Services
Power for your engineering


Eleven seamlessly integrated services, are there to help you get the most out of your electrical engineering and design:

  • Checkup Services – For efficient engineering processes and a professionally planned replacement of your old CAD system
  • Project Management – we make sure that everything runs smoothly when you turn on the switch
  • Workflow & Processes – For optimal workflows, engineering and design methodology
  • Product Structure – Thoroughly design the structure of machinery and equipment
  • Certificates & Standards – Standards-compliant plans and engineering documentation
  • Courses and Trainings – To ensure maximum productivity at the outset
  • IT infrastructure – we make sure that WSCAD is installed perfectly
  • Data Import – Data conversion, digitization and creation of parts data in WSCAD, AutoCAD* and EPLAN* format
  • System Integration – To embed WSCAD seamlessly into your specific IT landscape
  • Manufacturing Integration – For production at the touch of a button
  • Automation – Shorten engineering time from several weeks to just a few days or even a few minutes

* Brand names, logos and trademarks used herein remain the property of their respective owners. The listing of any firm or their logos is not intended to imply any endorsement or direct affiliation with WSCAD electronic GmbH

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