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Now available: SUITE X PLUS Service Pack 1

Service Pack 1 contains improvements and functional enhancements for  WSCAD SUITE X PLUS!
WSCAD users with subscription or with a valid maintenance contract can now download the update free of charge!

These are the functional enhancements of Service Pack 1:

Detailed descriptions of the improvements and new features can be found in the Release Notes and in our blog post.

  • Distributors and circuits management: individual circuits can now be sorted by drag & drop. This is relevant for SUITE Building, SUITE Installation, SUITE BA Project and SUITE BA Control.
  • Improvements in bidirectional data exchange between WSCAD SUITE and PHOENIX CONTACT PROJECT COMPLETE
  • Multilingual PDF export: Users can now create the corresponding PDF file for each required language in one step.
  • Structure identifiers: The visual representation of the identifier on the part and in the lists have been adjusted and is now displayed in the same order as in the project tree
  • New data point key plugin BKS_15
  • Cable representation: the cable representation for connected symbols in electrical installation (EI) and building automation (BA) has been improved
  • Visual display of data points: the visual representation of data points for connected symbols in electrical engineering (EE) and building automation (BA) has been improved
  • Siemens TIA Portal: Extension of the Siemens CAEX interface for bidirectional data exchange between WSCAD SUITE and the SIEMENS TIA Portal
  • PRO.FILE PLM: Parts in WSCAD SUITE that have received a part ID from PRO.FILE can now be opened directly from the WSCAD article database in PRO.FILE. Versioning with status check is now possible.
  • CSV import: When importing a CSV file into the WSCAD article database, special characters such as ä,ö,ü, are now supported
  • Destination wiring: new icons have been designed for better usability
  • Path variables: When generating lists and plans, during project backup and export, variables can now be used in the directory path and file name.

SUITE COMPACT now has an article database – free of charge!

WSCAD users of SUITE COMPACT can now use 1.4 M. components from

With Service Pack 1 SUITE COMPACT has been enhanced substantially: it now comes with an article database. Inserting parts manually, searching for their technical specs is now a thing of the past. As a user you have access – the biggest database for electrical components with 1.4 M parts from over 330 manufacturers. Once you have found the right part, you can simply import it into your WSCAD project. It’s as easy as that. Our components database is updated on a monthly basis.

Complete contact mirrors in the contactor manager

The article database also manages the contact combs to contactors. This means that the contact mirrors are now immediately available in the contactor manager, exactly as they are in the real component.

Want to use the benefits of Service Pack 1 but you don’t have a valid maintenance contract?

Simply renew your maintenance contract now and get these benefits plus future updates at no additional cost!

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