Buy a new WSCAD SUITE X license now, save 20%, get a free 4-hour online training* and the new SUITE X PLUS as premium delivery.

  • Use the WSCAD SUITE X to design even faster and easier
  • 4-hour online training inclusive, so you can jumpstart your projects
  • Get the brand new WSCAD SUITE X PLUS immediately after launch (as part of your maintenance / subscription contract)

* free online training valid for UK only

Boost your functionality by using WSCAD Add-Ons and save 30% when purchasing one!

  • Cabinet Engineering Add-On (CE): Professional Cabinet Engineering including 3D collision check, automated wire routing and Augmented Reality App for maintenance engineers
  • Piping & Instrumentation Add-On (P&ID): easily link measuring points and devices with other schematics. Simply import schematics as DXF- or DWG-files and start your engineering
  • Fluid Add-On (FE): Engineering of pneumatic and hydraulic machines and plants get so much easier using the WSCAD Fluid Add On
  • Electrical Installation Add-On (EI): engineers involved in building system technology can rely on WSCAD Electrical Installation to design high and low voltage installations, as well as antenna and fire alarm systems
  • User Rights Add-On: define and manage individual user rights in order to establish what each user is allowed to do. For instance you might not want every user to allowed to create new parts
  • ProjectWizard Add-On: if you want to automate your engineering, then this is the tool for you. Stop designing schematics from scratch and let WSCAD Project Wizard automatically generate your documentation
  • PLMERP Add-On: to connect WSCAD SUITE X to your PLM or ERP system simply use our PLMERP Add On

Call now – and get advice from our professionals:
UK: + 44 203 9662446

World: + 49 8131 3627 365

Start using WSCAD SUITE X now and get the following benefits:

  • 20% faster design
  • stop creating your own articles and simply use 1,4 million electrical parts from more than 280 manufacturers available in You are saving 30 minutes per part (average value)
  • Even better: let WSCAD SUITE X generate your schematics automatically
  • Maintenance engineers can use our Augmented Reality App and have the right data (schematics, parts, device tags) at the right place and time by simply using their smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • as part of your maintenance or subscription contract you will get the new WSCAD SUITE X PLUS

Call now – and get advice from our professionals:

UK: + 44 203 9662446

World: + 49 8131 3627 365

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