The Suite WSCAD Ultimate contains all WSCAD technologies and it functions as a cross-discipline planning software for the planning and documenting of electrical systems, automation systems, and building automation systems for industrial and building service engineering.

Ideal for

  • Electrical engineering and planning offices, building automation, and automation engineering
  • Electrical system manufacturers, building automation, including switch cabinet manufacturing and electrical installation
  • Facility management, maintenance and servicing companies specializing in building automation
  • Tradespeople, electrical equipment manufacturers, including switch cabinet manufacturers
  • Facility management, maintenance, and servicing companies


  • Documentation for electrical installations, machines, and devices
  • Comprehensive data exchange between individual technologies
  • Data consistency between schematics, fluid plans, switch cabinet assemblies, electrical installation plans, and control diagrams
  • One software package for all electrical project planning requirements, including preliminary planning for building automation
  • Single line diagram



Standard functions

Features expansion stages

  • Assignment of items from a database
  • Online contactor management
  • Online PLC management
  • Automatic generation of comprehensive lists (cable lists, PLC lists, connection list, etc.)
  • Creation of component boxes
  • Automatic translation function in Unicode languages
  • Planning of sophisticated hydraulic and pneumatic installations
  • Integrated manufacturer database
  • Automatic assignment of hose designations
  • Generation of hose lists, resource lists and BOMs
  • Automatic routing of wires in cable ducts
  • Calculation of cable duct fill levels
  • Definition of permitted wire colors per cable duct: Ability to manually influence wire routing based on wire color
  • Creation of restricted areas with component collision control
  • Creation of BOM independently of schematic
  • Allows import of layouts from DWG/DXF or PDF files
  • Automatic generation of schematics using macros
  • Various positioning supports in the layout
  • Extensive item database with the option to import manufacturer or wholesaler catalogs
  • User-friendly layer management, also for imported plans (e.g. DWG)
  • Extensive symbol library and macro templates
  • Import of existing DWG diagrams, complete integration as smart symbols
  • Cross-manufacturer item database
  • Automatic list generation, e.g. building automation function lists VDI 3814, room automation lists VDI 3813, final controlling device lists, actuator lists, motor lists, pump lists, etc.
  • Planning for fire and intruder alarm systems and networks