The WSCAD Installation suite allows you to plan and document electrical systems for industrial engineering and building service engineering, including distributor and switch cabinet planning.

Ideal for

  • Engineering and planning offices
  • Electricians, tradespeople, electrical equipment manufacturers, including switch cabinet and panel manufacturers
  • Facility management, maintenance, and servicing companies specializing in
    electrical documentation in the building industry


Planning of electrical systems, drawing of cabinet, distributor, and switch cabinet assembly plans.

  • As well as the traditional mid and low-voltage electrical installations, low-current installations, information technology systems, alarm systems, and system technologies such as KNX are also supported.
  • Creation of cabinet and distributor plans, including online functions, management of contactors, PLC modules, terminals, cables, and manufacturer item data.
  • Creation of switch cabinet assemblies with parts from the project database
  • Single line diagram



Standard functions

Funktionen Ausbaustufen

  • Drawing of distributor plans
  • Creation of switch cabinet assemblies
  • Automatic generation of schematics using macros
  • Various positioning supports in the layout
  • Assignment of items from a database
  • Automatic generation of comprehensive lists (cable lists, PLC lists, connection lists, etc.)
  • Creation of BOM independently of schematic
  • Drawing of layouts to scale
  • Creation of component boxes
  • Creation of restricted areas with component collision control
  • Scalable plans
  • Symbol size in installation plan can be adjusted before positioning
  • Import of items from manufacturer or wholesaler catalogs
  • Extensive item database
  • Contactor manager with online contactor item management
  • PLC manager with online PLC item management
  • Material explorer
  • Material browser with online editor
  • Automatic translation function in Unicode languages
  • Export functions – Access, Excel, ASCII