The Suite WSCAD Compact allows you to plan and document medium-sized electrical installations for industrial engineering and building service engineering.

Ideal for

  • Electrical installation companies
  • Industrial plant construction
  • Switch cabinet and switch gear installers
  • Facility management, maintenance, and servicing companies


  • Scheduling of medium-sized projects as well as changes to existing plans
  • Creation of schematics
  • Planning of switch cabinet assembly
  • Planning of electrical installation
  • Single line diagram


Electrical Engineering
Cabinet Engineering
Electrical Installation

Standard functions

Features expansion stages

  • Creation of schematics
  • Creation of switch cabinet assembly plans
  • Manual creation of distributor plans
  • Drawing of electrical installation plans to scale
  • Automatic numbering for resources and pins
  • Online line cross-references and online contactor contact image
  • Browser as central editing tool (Terminal browser, Cable browser)
  • Creation of black boxes
  • Quick editor for editing symbol texts
  • Functions for aligning symbols and graphical elements
  • Automatic generation of terminal plans and material lists
  • Manual creation of cabinet assemblies
  • Import of layouts from DWG/DXF or PDF files
  • Symbol size in installation plan can be adjusted before positioning