WSCAD SUITE X BA project incorporates EE – Expert, CE- -Advanced, EI – Expert and BA – Expert expansion levels. It is ideal for integral design and documentation within the fields of building services automation and electrical plant engineering.


Target group

  • Engineering and planning offices
  • Electrical plant installers
  • Manufacturers, plant integrators, providers of building services automation systems including cabinet installation and electrical installation
  • HVAC companies
  • Facility management
  • Service and maintenance companies with focus on building services automation


Ideal for design and project management of building automation systems according to DIN/VDI standards

Production of design, execution, assembly, plant and inventory plans.
Format-independent production of automation diagrams with automatic generation of system ID keys. Generation of function lists acc. VDI 3813 and 3814 and list generation for valves, cables and field devices. Automatic generation of energy distribution networks in buildings and properties. Simple production of distributed and cabinet installation plans. Traditional electrical installation and all-pole schematics as well as single-pole network diagrams for medium voltage feeds, emergency power systems, low-voltage systems, IT systems, alarm systems and system technologies such as e.g. KNX.
Interdisciplinary project design of automation systems.


  • Production of schematics and single-pole network diagrams
  • Production of cabinet installation diagrams
  • Scale drawings of electrical installation diagrams and location of field devices
  • Import of floor plans from DWG/DXF or PDF files
  • Easy scaling and adaptation of icons within the installation plan
  • Access to complete product data from the online portal
  • Automatic numbering of resources
  • Manager for easy management of PLC modules, contactors, terminals, cables and plugs
  • Line cross-sections and technology cross-references to other disciplines
  • Production of black boxes and device boxes
  • Insertion of additional structure areas in plan pages
  • Quick-Editor for simple editing of component characteristics
  • Material Explorer for intuitive interdisciplinary work
  • Electrical circuit manager with macros for  automatic generation of distribution circuit boards
  • Design of installation systems and line routing with length analysis within the floor plan
  • Functions for adjusting icons and graphical elements
  • Generation of detail content, material lists, terminal diagrams, resource plans, distributer keys
  • Generation of wiring lists, terminal use diagrams, PLC lists and more.
  • Data-point management for production of project-specific structural templates
  • ID code management for automatic generation of system ID codes
  • Comprehensive, free icon libraries for building and automation engineers
  • Choice of info-link icons (according to model, performance details, object characteristics of data points etc.)
  • Configurable list-generator (transducers & sensors, motors cables, materials, instruction manuals and function lists according to VDI 3814/3813)
  • Comprehensive item database for BA and EI
  • Conversion of CAD icons into intelligent icons for further processing in WSCAD
  • Project export for WSCAD Augmented Reality App