The Suite WSCAD BAControl allows you to integrate planning and documentation for building automation

Ideal for

  • Engineering and planning offices
  • Manufacturers, building automation system houses, system integrators
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning companies
  • Facility management, maintenance, and servicing companies specializing in building automation


Planning and documentation of building automation systems to DIN/VDI standards

  • Design, implementation, assembly, factory and inventory planning
  • Creation of format-independent automation schema with data structures displayed
  • Display of building automation function lists according to VDI 3814
  • Automation and field device documentation
  • Documentation of valve, cable, field device, and material lists
  • Creation of system and network overviews
  • Creation of simple schematics and layout plans
  • Single line diagram



Standard functions

Features expansion stages

  • Project explorer (structure according to user-defined real estate and installation identifiers)
  • BA datapoint engineering center for editing of data object and address structures
  • Automatic generation of unit designation keys via code letter manager
  • Planning of designs quickly and simply via the macro functions in symbol and item explorer
  • Item and symbol management with extensive free and standardized symbol libraries (e.g. DIN VDI 3814, 3813, 19227 etc.) for building service and automation engineering
  • Assignment of equipment according to shell model VDI 3813 -1
  • Select different info link symbols
    (according to type, performance specifications, object properties of data points etc.)
  • Automatically configurable list generator
    (Encoders & sensors, motors, cables, material, building automation function lists according to VDI 3814)
  • Extensive item database
  • Layout planning for field devices with ability to adjust local dimensioning and symbol size in the installation plan before positioning
  • Simple switch cabinet planning
  • Import of existing DWG/DXF layouts and designs
  • Conversion of graphic CAD symbols to intelligent symbols for further editing in WSCAD
  • Item import in Access (*.mdb), Excel (*.csv), (*.xml) formats
  • Automatic translation function in Unicode languages

Output of dynamic PDF files