P & ID simply creates Piping and Instrumentation Diagram schematics in the plant and process technology. The focus of the functionality is to logically combine and document tag numbers to circuit diagram and other technologies.

This intelligence is required to keep the overview during construction regarding the interaction between devices and measuring points. Additionally it will support the user to localize and resolve a system error faster.

Using the tag management makes it possible to find each operating resource in the documentation which belongs to a measuring point fast and enables analysis.


Adding process technology information in the DXF / DWG format, including the logical link with operating resources – The basis for design tasks plant builders often get P & ID diagram which were created in a different file format. These generally occur without logic as DXF / DWG file. For detailed engineering it is necessary to combine the information from P & ID with electrical engineering documentation. Therefore it is essential to provide the “external” P & ID with logic or redraw it if it is necessary



Standard functions

  • Preparation ofP &IDdiagramin the circuit diagramtool
  • LinkingtheP& IDmeasuring points with other technologies
  • Linkingthemeasuring point numberstothe symbols
  • Displaying measuring pointnumberswiththe symbols
  • Blank lines can be insertinmeasuring pointassignmentsin the symbol
  • Import / exportmeasuring pointnumbers
  • Measuring pointmanagement
  • Automated numberingofmeasuring points
  • Overview of the connected operating resources with the measuring point
  • Fast navigation betweencomponentsof the measuring pointvia themeasuring pointmanagement
  • Sorting /Searching / Replacing in themeasuring pointbrowser
  • symbols of DIN 10628-1
  • Medialines of DIN 2403
  • Converting of DXF / DWG measuring points to logical elements (tags)

Additional functions

  • Network ready
  • Projectmanagement(listsascover page, table of contents,list of materials)
  • Symbols for P&ID
  • Material browser
  • import e.g. DXF/DWG,PDF, JPG, PNG
  • export to PDF, DXF/DWG, Excel, XML