General automatic functions

All automatic functions apply to a complete drawing set or a complete project. A universal connection file must be present in order to create line cross-references, terminal chart, wiring chart, cable chart, cable list, net list and connection list.  This ‘*.CXK’ file is created if it is not already present, or when a drawing in the drawing set is created or modified at a time later than the time stamp of the connection file.  It is therefore especially important that the time function in your computer is operating properly. The connection file is situated in the project directory and is given the name of the project with the file extension ‘.CXK’.

Security copies

WSCAD can make safety copies automatically. If you want to record the situation prior to automatic processing, WSCAD can do this for you if the corresponding configuration is set . To do this, a sub directory ‘Safe’ is created in the project directory and the security copies are stored in this sub directory.  Every time you make a security copy, the previous security copy is overwritten!