Translations in any Unicode language

WSCAD MLT stands for Multi-Language-Translator which enables the translation of WSCAD circuit diagrams into any Unicode language.* WSCAD MLT was developed as independent software in the currently state-of-the-art programming environment of Microsoft .NET.

You require MLT…

… if you have to make WSCAD documentation available abroad; because with WSCAD MLT you can then also create translations in any Unicode language when limited character sets (e.g. ASCII Standard or ISO character set) are not sufficient.

What does WSCAD MLT accomplish?

WSCAD MLT converts circuit diagrams of earlier WSCAD versions for the application of Unicode character sets. It can translate circuit diagrams in Asian and Oriental languages. The Cyrillic character set is at your disposal without any problems. The universal database connection allows you to use most types of database of language encyclopaedias.

Intelligent PDF Edition

With intelligent PDF edition, the project structure of your WSCAD circuit diagram remains fully intact. Additional information becomes visible in the PDF file by mouse-over effect.

Beispiel: Japanische Schriftzeichen
* Unicode is an international standard in which a digital code is determined for all known cultures of letters and symbol systems. With the Unicode format the problem of different, incompatible coding in different countries or culture groups is accomodated. In the process, the lettering system is continuously enhanced and amended.
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WSCAD MLT user interface